Dr. Bernard J. Strenecky
Founder and Chief Advisor

Dr. Bernard J. Strenecky presently serves as the Scholar in Residence at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. His responsibilities in the Office of International Programs are the development of innovative curriculum and program design and the establishment of faculty development programs. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Scranton and a doctoral degree in Education and Curriculum Design from the University of Rochester. Dr. Strenecky has taught or consulted in over 50 countries. He has received numerous awards for his contributions to international education development and service-learning. The highest of these honors is the Gold Crown of Merit which was awarded by her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for outstanding contributions to the development of the country of Barbados. Dr. Strenecky serves in the Diplomatic Corp of Barbados and holds the title of Honorary Consul from Barbados to Kentucky. In concert with The Prospect-Goshen Rotary Club of Kentucky, Semester at Sea, and Western Kentucky University, he developed the global community development project known as The $100 Solution

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Zubin Davar
Founding Member

Zubin Davar was a founding member of The $100 Solution on the Fall 2007 Semester at Sea voyage, during which he worked with a team to implement an HIV/AIDS awareness project in India. Enthralled by the transformating experience THDS offered, Davar seized the opportunity to get further involved and was elected to its Board of Directors in 2008. He has since traveled to over thirty countries, studied international economics at East Shanghai Normal University in China, and worked internationally in the Political Section of the United States Embassy in Madrid, Spain. In January 2011, Davar relocated to New York City to manage the regional marketing program for Red Bull North America. His career took him to Canada next, where he served as a National Marketing Manager for Red Bull. Davar holds a B.A. from UCLA in International Development Studies and a MBA from UCLA Anderson. He received a Riordan MBA Fellowship in 2012 and also received an honorable mention for the Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award in 2008. Zubin served as President & Board Chairman from 2008-2014.


Eric Griswold
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board

Eric Griswold became involved with The $100 Solution while on the Fall 2009 voyage of Semester at Sea. Through his participation in an Interantional Service-Learning course, Eric led erfforts to provide English language education to a seniopr citizen community in Hong Kong. In 2010, he was elected to the Associate Board serving as Director of Alternative Programs. In 2011, he was elected to the Executive Board as Vice President of Finance where he drove the organization's financial and international growth. In 2013, Eric began his term as Executive Vice President and Director of Finance. In this role, Eric oversaw the daily operations of the organization while being responsible for financial growth and collaborating with the President to implement all strategic intitatives. In August 2014, Eric was elected as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Eric holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Stevenson University. He started his career at Jos. A. Bank as an Assistant Supply Chain Planner and from there worked at Chico's as a Senior Merchandise Allocator. There he led a team that forecasted demand for its products and allocated merchandise to its retail stores. Eric is also a Lean Six Sigma - Green Belt, which allowed him to drive efficiencies at Chico's and The $100 Solution. Currently, Eric is working towards his MBA at the University of Rochester.


Jessica Canada
Chief Organizational Development OFFICER

Jessica Canada is a junior at Western Kentucky University studying Human Resource Management. She first learned about The $100 Solution in Dr. Strenecky’s Community Development Through Service-Learning class where she led her team in creating the guidelines for the first $100 Solution House (to open Fall 2014). Growing up in Appalachia, she always searched for an avenue through which she could bring impact of sustainable change to her home region and recognizes The $100 Solution as this avenue of change.

Marissa Chieco.jpg

Marissa Chieco
Chief Marketing Officer

Marissa Chieco joined the Board of Directors in 2011, bringing with her background in media and communications. She was first introduced to The $100 Solution on Semester at Sea’s Maymester 2011 voyage. It was in Dr. Strenecky’s Real Communities, Real Problems, Real Solutions class where she found her passion for service-learning through a project in Gales Point, Belize. There, she and her classmates teamed together to combat the 90 percent unemployment rate and the contaminated water supply found in this small Creole community. Since joining the Board of Directors, she has led THDS projects on two Semester at Sea Reunion Voyages and taught The $100 Solution class on WKU’s Toppers at Sea program during the summer of 2014. Today, Marissa is working to strengthen the brand of The $100 Solution and further grow all public-facing aspects of the organization. Marissa is a graduate of the University of Delaware and currently lives in New York.


Amanda English
Chief Academic Officer & Director of THDS Press

Amanda English gets momentum for service-learning from her strong global curiosity and passion for non-conventional development. From a small town in Delaware, Amanda had the opportunity to explore these interests while circumnavigating the globe on Semester at Sea. Sailing on the Fall 2009 and Short-term 2011 voyages, Amanda has been involved with community development projects in Ghana, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Belize, the Bahamas, and the United States. She has served as a Teaching Assistant on Semester at Sea and through the Honors College at WKU, leading projects locally and across the globe. Amanda completed her B.A. in Political Science and Nonprofit Administration at Western Kentucky University in 2012. Her senior thesis received distinguished honors for its design and development of The $100 Solution academic curriculum.

Elaine Flynn.jpg

Elaine Flynn

Elaine Flynn was introduced to The $100 Solution as a Semester at Sea voyager in May 2011. Her desire to learn more about the organization led to her involvement in a project through Western Kentucky University which aimed to enhance recycling initiatives at a local high school, as well as the implementation of two Semester at Sea Reunion Voyage projects near Ensenada, Mexico. Elaine obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at WKU in Geology and Chemistry and is currently attending Washington University in St. Louis to complete her Ph.D. in Earth and Planetary Sciences. She is driven by her desire to serve others in her community and around the world and has found her passion fueled by The $100 Solution service-learning model which she hopes to incorporate into her future education and career opportunities.


Kaitlin Hartley.jpg

Kaitlin Hartley
Chief Learning Officer

Since the Fall 2009 Voyage of Semester at Sea, Kaitlin has taken an active role in promoting the concepts and core values of The $100 Solution both inside and outside the classroom. She served as a Teaching Assistant through Semester at Sea and the Honors College at Western Kentucky University, with core involvement in developing the first high school curriculum of The $100 Solution. Kaitlin has since graduated with her bachelor’s from Western Kentucky University and master’s in Higher Education Administration from The University of Alabama. She is currently the Coordinator of Student Leadership Programs at The University of Alabama in the Division of Student Affairs.

Stephen Farley.jpg

Stephen Farley
Associate Board, Academic Development

Stephen Farley is a senior at Western Kentucky University studying Business Management and Finance. Through his participation in a course through The $100 Solution, Farley worked with a local refugee family to implement a community development project, and later helped restore a greenhouse at a local high school. Following Farley’s academic and community achievements, he was elected to the Associate Board as a member of the Finance department and is now in the Academic Development department.